Financial Services

Financial Services Sales Management Leadership Program

Business Purpose: Transform new branch office manager candidates into executive leaders and maximize the retention of top talent.

Challenge: The branch manager audience was highly entrepreneurial and compensated accordingly. The success of the program and the active support of leading managers had to be earned. In addition, to ensure the program’s validity, program facilitators had to be recruited from among the company’s existing branch managers.

Response: Ronin based the nine-month program on the strategic skills and responsibilities critical to branch manager success. We used a discovery learning approach to design weeklong group sessions in which self-managed teams received feedback from experienced managers. Content and instruction were delivered via an e-learning website and web-based simulations. Supplemental training included field activities, action learning and mentoring.

The program consisted of three weeklong programs and 170 hours of e-learning. Led by senior executives, the training was based on the 135 roles and responsibilities of the job position. In between each workshop, Ronin engaged the participants in additional learning activities.

Results: The project was benchmarked at two times our project cost. Citing the program as a major competitive advantage, the client continues to conduct this program every year to develop field leadership and ensure employee retention.

Learning Architecture Diagram
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