Pharmaceutical R&D Leadership Program

Business Purpose: Accelerate, streamline and integrate worldwide R&D efforts while developing R&D leadership bench strength. Eliminate redundancies in core research projects and increase synergy and knowledge sharing among the four independent R&D centers.

Challenge: All of the centers had evolved into highly individualized units with significantly different procedures, organizational structures and cultures. Management consisted of top scientists from eight different countries whose technical capabilities far exceeded their management skills.

Response: Ronin teamed with another consulting firm to design a yearlong leadership immersion program. Major areas of concentration included cross-cultural communication and teamwork, breakthrough thinking and consensus building. Participants completed action-learning projects that revamped the company’s drug development phases, and in the process, received detailed feedback on their leadership skill development.

Results: The R&D centers experienced high levels of team synergy across functional and national boundaries. One year after the training was completed, the company was reorganized and several participants were promoted to senior leadership positions.


Learning Architecture Diagram
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