Technology Sales Program

Business Purpose: Train a six thousand member sales force to sell more complex, tightly integrated solutions in order to effectively compete in the high technology marketplace.

Challenge: The training population felt vulnerable due to projected downsizing, so it was important to make the material meaningful, engaging and easy to comprehend.
Response: Ronin developed customized sales competencies to support the company’s new mission and delivered a three-week leadership program to the sales force. The program trained the salespeople to become solution providers and consisted of lessons on sales communication and negotiation, business acumen and real-world problem solving. Managers were coached to reinforce the skills and concepts introduced in the program.

Results: Ronin brought new perspectives and sales concepts that helped the sales force adapt as their roles changed. At the end of the yearlong program, the sales force had matured in its ability to provide customers with sophisticated solutions. The company rebounded from massive change and experienced enhanced market valuation.

Learning Architecture Diagram
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