Ronin Approach

Change Behavior

Foster Personal Accountability
Learning is not a one-time event. It is a continuous process of trial and error, testing and experimentation. Learners need continuous reinforcement over the course of their training. Ronin builds complex learning experiences that challenge participants to take responsibility for how they act on what they learn.

Challenge People to Change
People learn when they challenge preconceived beliefs and feel safe to explore new concepts and behaviors. Ronin designs multifaceted learning experiences that accomplish this goal. Typically, experiences include a mix of the following:

Formal group sessions based on adult discovery learning principles rather than lecture

Customized simulations that place participants in the challenging environment in which they need to lead or sell

Web-based access to critical content to facilitate just-in-time access to ideas, tools, resources and best practices

Action learning and on-the-job assignments that encourage participants to apply what they learn in the real world