Ronin Approach

Focus Learning

Master What Matters
Every company has its own unique identity, and as such, Ronin advocates a customized approach that defines core competencies, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to clients’ goals and make the business distinctive to stakeholders.

Keep it Simple and Significant
Ronin adds value by helping clients prioritize and simplify what they want people to learn and master. Ronin focuses on how learning translates into the strategic action that supports the client’s mission, vision and goals.

Base Learning on Assessment
On-the-job effectiveness is measured by how one relates to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. Ronin considers feedback and assessment critical to increasing an individual’s awareness of his strengths and limitations. Assessment data can be generated from 360° feedback or other processes.

We develop learning experiences that reflect a complex view of performance. This approach leads trainees to accept responsibility for the impact they have on others and learn more rapidly.