Ronin Approach

Sustain Growth

Ensure Learning Over Time
Ronin’s approach is based on the idea that achieving performance outcomes requires learning experiences to evolve over time. We design 6-12 month programs in which participants are motivated to acquire new skills sequentially and apply concepts to increasingly challenging situations.

When employees continually improve performance, an organization develops the resilience to be competitive in its market.

Coach People to Succeed
Effective leaders recognize when and how an employee needs to improve, communicate the needed improvement in highly focused, coachable moments, and encourage the employee to commit to improvement. Ronin provides coaching support through combinations of:

Personalized executive and sales coaching by our expert facilitators

Executive and managerial coaching training and support materials

Formalized client-sponsored mentoring

Measure, Evaluate and Reward Results
Continuous measurement, evaluation and recognition sustain learning and create an organizational culture of continuous improvement. Ronin works with clients to build evaluation systems that measure both the level of mastery achieved by individual learners and the overall effectiveness of a training implementation.

Create a Change-Friendly Culture
Without a thoughtful change management strategy, the best learning programs lose momentum and collapse under the weight of daily challenges and old work habits.

Ronin helps clients implement strategies to win widespread acceptance for new initiatives and rapidly transfer learning into performance. Our approach is to:

Define and execute a communication strategy

Identify potential areas of resistance and plan how to gain commitment

Build program sponsor groups

Involve knowledge and practice leaders as facilitators