Change Process

Design Process

The Ronin Partnership Approach to Development
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Initial Contracting

From the start of a project, Ronin is committed to creating the highest possible level of partnership with clients and ensuring that the project addresses the client’s business goals. First, we meet as a team to define roles, identify team member strengths, and agree on performance criteria and guidelines. Next, we collaboratively define the project’s strategic objectives.

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High Level Learning Strategy

Ronin uses technology to compress and intensify the design process so that we are able to fully explore team member contributions while achieving creative breakthroughs in a tightly focused timeframe. After identifying potential design components (e.g. Web-based materials, competency development modules, sample action learning projects, simulation options, company-supplied content, etc.), we define all potential resource capabilities (e.g. people, systems) and potential resource limitations. We also clearly define success criteria for the final design, including competency development, vision, mission and values, change management best practices, “fit” with company culture, political considerations, and participant availability.

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Design and Development

Ronin partners with clients to translate strategic objectives into best-in-class learning experiences. We use creative thinking best practices to find desirable solutions to the challenges we uncovered in the first design stages. In this phase, we flexibly leverage existing resources so that our client’s people and programs may be easily integrated into the final product. Next, we complete the detailed design, including specific deliverables, deadlines, qualitative considerations, and communication links and handoffs.

We ensure that quality materials are developed and approved within budget and timing guidelines and that we can adapt deliverables as the project expands and new players come on board. Ronin works with clients to manage changes so that the final product meets original goals and gains company-wide support.

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Ronin supports clients through the entire project launch and rollout. Implementation varies by client, ranging from 100 percent facilitation by Ronin staff to 100 percent client facilitation supported by train-the-trainer workshops. We also help clients create follow-up strategies to ensure that learning translates effectively into goal-oriented action. Ronin supports the design and implementation of measurement systems to assess learning effectiveness and track the project’s impact on business goals.

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