Change Process

Technology & E-Learning

Ronin uses technology and e-learning to enhance workshop learning experience and provide access to program content, leading edge research, strategies, and best practices without the use of outside speakers and facilitators. E-learning is also an effective method of capturing and sharing resident knowledge.

High Tech and High Touch
When integrated with our blended learning systems, e-learning is a powerful addition to the interactive learning presented in our workshops. Together, e-learning and interactive learning produce better performance value than either one generates independently.

Ronin Learning Websites
Our state-of-the-art Websites are critical knowledge sources for participants. Ronin customizes Learning Websites to address client needs, existing resources, and project scope and budget. Sample Website components include job knowledge and competency resources, product knowledge components, simulations, basic skill development and web-based communication.

Technology can be applied to support leadership and sales force development and learning. Participants will be able to:

Track their own mastery of core competencies, critical skills, and essential knowledge before, during, and after group sessions

Conduct their own competitive differentiation and quality customer service research, both within the client’s organization and across the industry as a whole

Share best practices dynamically with other participants

Master team building, distance learning, and group communication skills